Thursday, February 12, 2009

The Easiest Exercise In The World!

We all know we should exercise.

Have you ever attempted exercise with great vigor, only to deflate after a few weeks or months? Does this correspond with your food diligence as well, being either “on” or “off” your diet?

People often go through a period where they’re “in the zone.” They watch what they eat, exercise, get on the scale regularly, and feel a strong sense of control. They catch a quick burst of joy when the scale inches down… or if someone asks if they’ve lost weight!

Of course, the other side of this tarnished coin is the sloppy opposite -- eating like a pig, not caring, feeling out of control, and barely moving your butt.

This is all part of the “diet mentality.” It’s a set up for yo-yo dieting, which typically makes it much easier for the body to store fat and regain weight. This may adversely affect blood pressure and other measures of health.

We need one way of living that’s relatively healthy and can last forever.

So, my latest recommendation incorporates a new and exciting exercise. This workout is so easy and convenient, that you’ll barely know you’re doing it!

It is the new crown jewel of Dr. Abby’s Diet Revolution!

The first step is buying some strap-on wrist and ankle weights. They’re cheap and can be found online right HERE

Upon arrival, strap those babies on, and simply go about your business at home. Ta da! It’s instant weight-bearing exercise. Emptying the dishwasher is now a weight-bearing exercise. Taking the garbage out or putting away laundry magically becomes strength training.

Your muscles and bones will thank you profusely, as you celebrate a major victory. Isn’t this as easy as it gets? Even if you spend most free time on the couch, you’ll even be exercising more muscles when you get up to go the fridge!

For bonus points, do some stretches in every direction from time to time. Want some aerobics? Jump up and down. If you’re too lazy to do this, you need deep therapy. (I’m available!)

More Product Info: Adjustable combination Ankle/Wrist weights.

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