Monday, January 19, 2009

Dr. Abby's Diet Revolution!

For Immediate Release:

"Dr. Abby's Diet Revolution!" is being launched on on January 19th, 2009. American's are starving for change, so Dr. Abby serves up a heapin' helping of her revolutionary "HAES" diet.

Dr. Abby Aronowitz is pleased to announce the launch of "Dr. Abby's Diet Revolution!" on the home page of on January 19th.

"Are you starving for change? Had your fill of dieting, losing weig
ht, and gaining it back? Well, have a heapin’ helping of Dr. Abby's "HAES” diet; a revolutionary way of living that helps you to discover health, without overeating, under-eating or yo-yo dieting."

The focus on "fitness" has very little to do with weight loss. Fitness is measured by physical strength and endurance, and biological markers include blood pressure, cholesterol and insulin resistance.
Weight and BMI are completely invalid measures of fitness, since they do not include any of these components.

We need to inform all Americans that exercise can improve blood pressure
, cholesterol and insulin resistance, regardless of weight. Transfats are unhealthy for everyone, and it’s always a good idea to eat when hungry and stop when full. Good health and nutrition are not limited to thin people. In fact, many genetically fat people must have an eating disorder, in order to maintain their weight below a genetic set point.

Interestingly, we've maximized our genetic potential for height, weight, and IQ during these relative times of abundance; but only heard about the weight gain; which was considered bad. Now that "abundance" has evaporated, we're back to basics.

Let's stop yo-yo dieting, which is potentially harmful, and live a relatively healthy lifestyle that is easy and satisfying. Enjoy a bunch of my "healthy junk foods;" delicious natural versions of the junk we love, but without potentially harmful chemicals. Imagine having an all natural toaster waffle for breakfast with a scoop of all natural (not supreme) ice cream for breakfast! For under 300 calories there's protein, fiber, calcium carbohydrates, some sugar to kill the appetite, and fat to keep it away. Who needs to binge, when meals are so fantastic???

"Dr. Abby's Diet Revolution" is backed by important research, from the Univ. of California. Dr. Linda Bacon's work is reviewed in the blog. Essentially, she found that when the focus was on a healthy lifestyle, and accepting your resultant size... instead of weight loss per se, subjects showed dramatic improvements in health.

After 2 years, the Health At Every Size (HAES) subjects quadrupled their moderate physical activity,
showed a significant decrease in LDL (“bad” cholesterol), lowered their systolic blood pressure, and improved self-esteem and depression. The dieters' effects were disastrous.

Details about this study can be found in a new book entitled “Health At Avery Size; The Surprising Truth About Your Weight”, by Linda Bacon, Ph.D. Watch for my forthcoming books, entitled Dr. Abby’s Diet Revolution! and Dr. Abby’s Diet Revolution For Girls!

Abby Aronowitz is a, coach, author, speaker and psychologist at the Long Island Center for Cognitive
Therapy. Her book, "Your Final Diet", was endorsed by Senator Hillary Clinton, because it is very empowering to women. Dr. Abby's expertise has been tapped for,, and, and she has spoken for the National Organization for Women (NOW), Weight Watchers International Inc., and Mensa. Her "healthy junk food meals" were featured on New York's CW 11 morning news.

Her expert blog for is entitled, "Where Science Meets Sin;" a daring new approach to weight control. ( is the #1 diet site on the Internet, out of nearly 200 million sites.) She has two M.A.'s and a Ph.D., and completed graduate work at Columbia University.

For a free promotional PDF of "Your Final Diet," CLICK HERE

For more information, call 1866-AskDrAbby (1-866-927-5372) or visit
Abby Aronowitz, Ph.D., P.O. Box 649, Huntington, NY 11743, 631-455-8243

Press Release: Dr. Abby's Diet Revolution!

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