Thursday, December 30, 2010

"Dr. Abby's Diet Resolutions"

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New Years, New Years Resolutions,

Time for cleansing absolutions.

Diets, diets, everywhere,

Wash the fat from way down there!

Fat from cakes and nog and such,

Such a glutton, ate so much!

Why oh why am I so fat?

“Cuz on my ass I simply sat.

Gimme this and gimme that,

More o’ this, and more o’ that.

But is it time for deprivation?

Oh no, please, such aggravation.

Time to try out something new,

Something easy, here’s a clue.

Compensation, compensation!

Beats that ugly deprivation.

Health at every size is great!

Be your best, with no self hate.

Tweak your choices,

Mouth rejoices.

Dark chocolate bits

For antioxidant hits!

Eat when hungry, stop when enuf,

And exercise to make you buff!

Take my advice,

To deal with the vice.

Dr. Abby’s Diet Revolution

Is certainly the best solution!

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