Saturday, March 20, 2010


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My good friend, Chef Devin Alexander has done it again! This Best Selling Author of The Biggest Loser Cookbook has created over 150 deliciously easy recipes for the super-busy, decadent-craving, yet health-conscious person in her new cookbook: I Can't Believe It's not fattening!!

These mouthwatering, home-cooked, and absolutely guilt-free favorites can be ready in mere minutes! After telling her that I have never actually followed a recipe, she challenged me to break the spell, and try out one of her treats.

After drooling over more than 50 beautiful color photographs, I was stunned by something so simple, so creative, sooo... funny! Ya gotta see her chocolate chip banana boat. This looks like a treat we might dig up when raiding the house for something yummy, and putting together two odd ingredients. Create a long slit down the middle of a banana, and stuff in dark chocolate mini chips. After 5 minutes in the oven, you are left with a divine mix of melted dark chocolate, slathered over a warm banana, in it’s own boat – that has charred, but not caught fire! It is delicious, adorable, and EEEEZZZZ!

There are recipes for caramelized apple butter-topped pork chops, asian grilled london broil, and parmesan garlic soft pretzels, Squeal with delight at her 351 calorie bacon cheeseburger, and enjoy digging down into her comforting mexican mac and cheese. The diversity of tastes blows my mind, as it seems every country and food group is represented through creative, imaginative, low calorie dishes.

At times she offers options between using “regular” and “light” ingredients, which embraces my penchant for using natural products, for those willing to finally ditch artificial ingredients.

Chef Devin is a gift for our culture by helping us towards healthy food that actually tastes delicious. This is what I mean by living a healthy lifestyle; it’s a plan that can last for life. Incorporating these charming recipes and sweet delicacies will surely help us to become fitter and happier. Thanks, Devin!

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