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For Women Only: Beautiful Clothes... In Our Size!

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Women should be able to dress with style, flair and dignity, regardless of size!

We always feel better when putting on clothes that fit well, express our personality and look great. There is a new generation of large-size clothing that’ll knock your socks off!

Ditch those boring and unshapely Muumuus for something that celebrates your size. I say, if you can’t always look thin, look grand!

Some fabulous catalogues and websites feature a wide array of sizes in stylish clothes. For instance, offers gorgeous clothes with bold, beautiful styling. Elegant suits are complete with optional hats, which balance proportions of large women, while offering stature. Evening wear is simply divine, with international styling. There are fitted and flowing fashions in scrumptious colors, ranging from size 4 to XXXL (24-26). I’ve never seen anything like it.

Pyrimid Collection ( also offers exotic clothing, some of which range up to 28W. This is for those with a touch of Goddess flair, or even a Gothic tone. There are beautiful corseted looks with handkerchief sleeves and Wiccan capes… along with lots of gorgeous jewelry and knickknacks. offers sophisticated suits, leggings, jeans, and casual wear ranging from size 6–20.

Jessica London offers classic sportsware exclusively for sizes 14W-34W, with petites and talls also available .

I believe I have personally kept Newport News in business. They offer such a variety of lovely items; most of which are available up to a size 18 or XL, although there are a few items in larger sizes.

Most of these catalogues offer shoes, boots and jewelry as well.

Of course the drawback is that you can’t try on clothes before purchasing them. However, some have easy refund policies, including a flat rate of $6.95 and no time limit on returns.

One word of caution: if you order something and don’t want to receive a mountain of unsolicited catalogues, simply ask them not to rent your name when ordering. Otherwise you’ll be buried in paper... like me!

Dr. Abby Aronowitz is a psychologist, speaker and coach, who completed work at Columbia University. She holds two master’s degrees and a Ph.D. Previously a consultant to Weight Watchers International, Dr. Abby has been featured on and AOL Diet and Fitness. She is a member of the American Psychological Association and Mensa.

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