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Dr. Abby Reveals Her 1,825-Calorie Diet

Food and Movement Diary: Saturday, April 11th

Woke up (at 1:30PM!), and after doing a few chores, ate some red grapes (50 calories), two organic hot dogs (320 calories), and two slices of 12-grain bread (220 calories). I took supplements of green tea extract to fight off cancer, resveretrol (red wine ingredient) to prolong my life, glucosomine to make it hurt less, calcium, a multi, and a softgel of omega fish oils.

Later on, I indulged in a delightful outdoor bath in my private wo
ods, with weights on my ankles for stretching. (Woo Hooo!)

Afterwards, other weights on my arms and legs augmented 50 abdominal exercises, in preparation for my hour and a half dance lesson. We did west coast swing (my personal favorite), hustle, bolero, cha cha and east coast swing. I actually strapped on weights and danced a couple of rounds with them too, for muscle strength.

It was a bit cloddy, but my partner was patient! I’m a dancin’ queen,
and can really shake my size-16 booty!

We munched on a few dark chocolate covered almonds. The caffeine gave us stamina, and dark chocolate slathered us in antioxidants. (75 calories).

So far, I’d eaten 665 calories, a happy amalgam of fruit, nuts, dark chocolate, organic beef and 12 whole grains.

After a few more chores, I made dinner, while munching on fresh veggies, a bit of natural salad dressing and a glass of wine. (175 calories). There was an omega rich egg with a dollop of whipped cream cheese and melted pepperjack cheese (230 calories), four slices of natural bacon (only 120 calories!) and another slice of 12-grain bread (110 calories). Two large, luscious strawberries were dipped into natural chocolate pudding for dessert (100 calories).

Later on, I enjoyed a cup of tea with soy milk and honey (35 calories), seven cookies and a biscotti (without hydrogenated oils or high fructose corn syrup) –- these 500 calories of deliciousness were probably craved because of my intense workout, right?

Total for the day: 1,825 calories.

Waddayathink of "Dr. Abby’s Diet Revolution?" The USDA recommends 1,800 calories per day for the average sedentary woman my age. Today was far from sedentary, but I didn’t need more calories, since these were completely satisfying.

Everything was delicious, and there were no toxins. Eating when hungry and stopping when full is something I practice as well as preach. Tea helped with satiety.

What’s the breakdown?

Protein came from organic beef, natural bacon, egg, cheese and soymilk. Bread provided whole grain carbs. Grapes and strawberries count as fruit, and salad counts as salad! Chocolate pudding offered calcium and happiness, joy came from wine, and other sweets were simply delightful.

Luckily, the fish oil supplement, provided health benefits without many calories, since there seemed to be lots of saturated fats today. On dance days, I typically eat more sugar and fat, since burning more calories. Other days generally include more veggies, fish or beans, and a few hundred calories less. Being in tune with cravings and energy requirements helps meet individual needs.

Remember, health is determined by fitness, rather than weight loss. It’s about living a relatively healthy lifestyle instead of inducing a temporary state of deprivation.

How creative can you be with 1,825 calories? Sticking to a diet is easy, when you create your own plan.

“Dr. Abby’s Diet Revolution” means tailoring calories and movement to what works for you, with an eye on health, and an emphasis on delish!

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