Saturday, December 27, 2008

‘Twas The Week Around New Year's...

‘Twas the week around New Year's

And for the past month,
Piles of food,
And holiday cheers.

Eatin’ and drinkin’
To hell with the diet!
Meetin’ and greetin’
It’s been a damn riot.

Chocolate, egg nog,
And other grog.
Latkas and cake,
A holiday makes.

Enjoyed those feasts,
Roasted the beasts!
Pot roasts, turkeys, ham and others,
Please ma’am, I’d like another.

The stomach grew,
The butt expanded.
My pants are now
Elastic waist-banded!

Now let’s make a resolution.
Ditching cakes
Is no solution!

Let’s enjoy the treats we crave,
Yes we can! Just be brave.
The simple trick is compensation,
No more ugly deprivation.

If you indulge,
And don’t want to buldge,
Here’s my advice
To deal with the vice.

A little of this,
A little of that.
Pure enjoyment
Without getting fat.

So I bid you all
A happy New Year!
Warm wishes for health,
And perhaps some wealth.

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