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I’m a psychologist who presently writes a blog for, entitled, "Where Science Meets Sin". Want to learn how to find your ideal weight and maintain it forever? The launch piece was called "A Daring New Approach to Weight Control".

My work involves a return to nature, re-defining healthy living and fostering self-acceptance. It has been featured on, AOL Diet And Fitness, and WebMD. Formerly a consultant for Weight Watchers, International Inc., I have also spoken for the National Organization for Women (NOW) and Mensa.

Evolution of my philosophy began with the belief that I was overweight for most of my life. After struggling for years being on and off diets and hating my body, I finally read Fat Is A Feminist Issue, and some of Geneen Roth's "non-diet" stuff. It felt very liberating to start listening to my body, and not beating myself up so much.

But as a psychologist trying to help others with this problem, their approach didn't work for everyone. Most had already tried dieting and gained weight back. So I thought long and hard about it, as our culture began struggling more and more with issues of body image, weight, eating disorders, obesity, and yo-yo dieting.

Finally I came up with some answers that integrated the non-diet approach with some structure from the diet camp, and created my book, Your Final Diet, which is a program for life. It's pretty lenient, yet offers some rules to offer control and flexibility. You never go off the diet, since you create your own, by programming in everything you love to eat! It's a wonderful thing.

I also began exploring products in health food stores, and was disgusted to find that 80% tasted like cardboard or Styrofoam! I tasted and spitted so many items until finally stumbling on a few gems that were all natural and actually tasted delicious! Thus was born my list of "healthy junk food" -- an appendix of brand name chips, cookies and other treats at the end of Your Final Diet.

They're so delicious that I just started eating them for meals, instead of between meals! Sometimes I'd rather have a waffle with ice cream or cookies and milk, instead of what we typically think of "real food." Hey, why not? They're all natural, without any garbage, so having them for meals instead of in addition to meals assured that calories were not added above and beyond meal calories. You can actually have your cake and eat it too, on my diet!

As a kid, I became fascinated by hypnosis and the power of the mind. Majoring in psychology unlocked mysteries, and helped me to find a peaceful way of being in the world.

As a psychologist, I found that carefully orchestrated hypnosis vignettes were valuable for helping patients attain insight, understanding, and coping strategies. My "Self Hypnosis Insight Enhancement Series" takes people on a journey through different emotions, helps them identify particular struggles, and empowers them towards corrective action. "Imagine "reprogramming" yourself to function optimally. The Self-Hypnosis Insight Enhancement Series unlocks unconscious images with regard to different aspects of your life, and harnesses hidden coping strategies for a powerful boost in this most suggestible state."

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Aside from professional passions, I love to dance, laugh, travel, immerse myself in nature, and cuddle with my cats. ☺

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